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Best Gorge Clog Building Contest!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Best gorge clog drawing/building/creation wins!
Prize: Lots of fame and glory, and one month of VIP status on the NG servers! (Vip includes a reserved slot!)

Rules are simple:

Using clogs, make the most creative drawing/building/creation and find the most creative place to build it at! It could be anything from hearts to body parts, like arms and legs (wink wink)!

The only requirement we have is that it must be on one of our servers!

Your entries will be judged by our admins, VIPS and donators in a private donator only forum! Winner will be announced here and we will contact you by email to let you know you won as well!

Good luck, and most of all, have tons of fun!

To enter, click here and attach a photo or link a photo in a reply to the post: http://www.nationalg...ilding-contest/