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NS2 Build 245 Now Live on Steam!

And behold, the changelog:


Added information about whether or not the server is VAC secured to the loading screen.
Added basic information about the mods running on a server to the loading screen.
Added news to the main menu.


Added a 0.3 second cool down for medpacks.


Fixed hitching associated with loading GUI textures.
Fixed crash due to race condition while sorting data.
Moving Drifters no longer remain cloaked by Shades.
Dead Hives no longer continue to heal nearby Aliens.
Bone Wall burst sound now audible for Alien Commander.
Fixed a couple of problems with adding bans in the server admin web client when a reason was not provided (Thanks confused!)


Added current map name to the top of the scoreboard UI.
Switched scoreboard font back to Arial font.
Removed the distinction between modded and non-modded servers in the server browser (so that modded servers are not treated as “second class”).


Using knobs to modify texture mapping values no longer generates ton of undo steps.


Removed Mezzanine->Server vent.
Cleared up some of the debris around Platform RT area, added route for Skulk on south side Platform area.
Mezzanine more Alien friendly, vent exit from North Tunnels is higher up.
Ambush spots above doorways in the tram tunnels.
Added spawn configuration entities to prevent Warehouse-Server starts.
Warehouse elevator prop collisions enabled.

For more information, see http://unknownworlds...d-245-released/