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NG Update
Jul 12 2013  I don't normally post updates because I suck at it but I decided to give it a shot since no one else would. Figured I have some free time from being unemployed. Job hunting is tough and frustrating. Once you lose your job, your whole life changes, you feel like a different person. Makes me think of Fun with Dick and Jane.


Hopefully I won't reach their level though.

Anyways, back to NG and NS2:

We've been experiencing issues with the servers, now I am working extra hard to fix them. The damage counter was broken and the console was filled with bunch of errors, that is no longer the issue.

Here's the current setup:

Server 1 - 22 players
Server 2 - 24 players
Server 3 - 24 players
Server 4 - 16 players

We're currently working on fixing the badges and the server status information on NG's main page.

Post any questions or stop by our IRC channel on irc.gamesurge.net #nationalgaming

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Welcome to National Gaming
Nov 27 2012  National Gaming is a Natural Selection 2 Gaming Community dedicated to providing a great gaming experience for all our players. We are an entirely self-sustaining community driven by do...