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Pinned  Welcome to National Gaming

Nov 25 2012 02:28 PM | TechnIckS

National Gaming is a Natural Selection 2 Gaming Community dedicated to providing a great gaming experience for all our players.

We are an entirely self-sustaining community driven by donations from our members - our game / web servers are privately owned and operated, allowing us full control of our gaming experience.

Enjoy your stay!

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NG Update

Jul 12 2013 11:20 AM | V8Energy

I don't normally post updates because I suck at it but I decided to give it a shot since no one else would. Figured I have some free time from being unemployed. Job hunting is tough and frustrating. Once you lose your job, your whole life changes, you feel like a different person. Makes me think of Fun with Dick and Jane.


Hopefully I won't reach their level though.

Anyways, back to NG and NS2:

We've been experiencing issues with the servers, now I am working extra hard to fix them. The damage counter was broken and the console was filled with bunch of errors, that is no longer the issue.

Here's the current setup:

Server 1 - 22 players
Server 2 - 24 players
Server 3 - 24 players
Server 4 - 16 players

We're currently working on fixing the badges and the server status information on NG's main page.

Post any questions or stop by our IRC channel on irc.gamesurge.net #nationalgaming

Posted Image

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Build 250 LIVE

Jun 27 2013 07:25 PM | MrWoot

Build 250 is live! The major change on this revision is the inclusion of the balance test mod. In addition, Steam is currently offering the game on sale for $8.50 this weekend only.

See http://unknownworlds...-live-on-steam/ for full change log.

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Build 250 In Process

Jun 22 2013 09:38 AM | MrWoot

Build 250 is currently being playtested and the biggest change is introduction of the balance test into standard play. Word on the street is the changes will be implemented in the next few weeks.

From UWE:

Natural Selection 2 Build 250 is under construction! This is a real milestone build. Andi has been cranking on balance changes for months under the guise of ‘Balance Test Mod,’ and those changes are now going in to the game. Yesterday, the first iteration of build 250 was released to the wonderful playtest group. Obraxis led a few games, and the build is looking quite solid at this stage.

There’s no word yet on how long 250 will spend in the oven, but we are aiming for days, not weeks. Here are two games from yesterday, from both the marine and alien perspectives:


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Build 249 Live on Steam

Jun 12 2013 06:31 PM | MrWoot

Build 249 Live on Steam!

Lots of performance improvements, map changes, and balance changes.

See http://unknownworlds...-live-on-steam/ for the official release.

Click 'read story' for the full change log.

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Beta Build 249 Released

Jun 07 2013 05:05 PM | MrWoot

Build 249 includes a new ‘Lua binding layer’ – This is the layer of code that allows the Spark Engine (written in C++) to talk to Natural Selection 2 (Lua). It is this binding layer that has been the primary performance bottlneck of Natural Selection 2 since the dawn of its development.

NS2_Docking is receiving a major overhaul with the tech point at cafeteria removed:

Posted Image

Players on the forums are reporting drastic performance increases. How is it affecting your box?

Visit http://unknownworlds...eased-on-steam/ for more details.

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UWE's State of NS2 - May 2013

Jun 02 2013 03:02 PM | MrWoot

Unknown Worlds Entertainment discusses the state of the game and things to come. They're working on a new map titled Biodome, D3D11 and OpenGL support, and continually tweaking balance issues.

Posted Image

Visit http://unknownworlds...pment-may-2013/ for the full article.

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Build 248 Live On Steam

May 27 2013 08:56 AM | MrWoot


Fixed bugs related to quick weapon switch
Fixed a bunch of sneaky alt-tab crashes


Added support for XBox One (Removed PC support)
Added ability to control all game functions via Kinect gestures (Removed all mouse, keyboard and controller options)

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Fixing the "Your game files do not match th...

Apr 13 2013 12:42 PM | TechnIckS

This is a known bug that should be fixed very soon.
The fix is quite simple:

First, completely exit out of Natural Selection 2.
Now open My Computer and in the top address bar type: %appdata% and hit enter.
Find the folder Natural Selection 2, enter it, then find the folder Workshop and enter this too. Erase everything in this folder - this should fix the issue! :crazysmile:

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New Tag for Donators, VIPs and Admins!

Apr 10 2013 11:40 PM | TechnIckS

After prolonged deliberations, we finally got a new tag! And we unanimously decided to let all donators, VIPs and admins wear it!

If you are a Donator, VIP or Admin, show your in-game support for National Gaming by wearing our tag!

"NG | Name" is the new tag format (example: NG | TechnIckS - don't forget the space before the and after the "|")

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NS2 Build 245 Now Live on Steam!

Apr 10 2013 05:51 PM | TechnIckS

And behold, the changelog:


Added information about whether or not the server is VAC secured to the loading screen.
Added basic information about the mods running on a server to the loading screen.
Added news to the main menu.


Added a 0.3 second cool down for medpacks.


Fixed hitching associated with loading GUI textures.
Fixed crash due to race condition while sorting data.
Moving Drifters no longer remain cloaked by Shades.
Dead Hives no longer continue to heal nearby Aliens.
Bone Wall burst sound now audible for Alien Commander.
Fixed a couple of problems with adding bans in the server admin web client when a reason was not provided (Thanks confused!)


Added current map name to the top of the scoreboard UI.
Switched scoreboard font back to Arial font.
Removed the distinction between modded and non-modded servers in the server browser (so that modded servers are not treated as “second class”).


Using knobs to modify texture mapping values no longer generates ton of undo steps.


Removed Mezzanine->Server vent.
Cleared up some of the debris around Platform RT area, added route for Skulk on south side Platform area.
Mezzanine more Alien friendly, vent exit from North Tunnels is higher up.
Ambush spots above doorways in the tram tunnels.
Added spawn configuration entities to prevent Warehouse-Server starts.
Warehouse elevator prop collisions enabled.

For more information, see http://unknownworlds...d-245-released/

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