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Posted 20 December 2012 - 01:16 AM

Moreso for Aimbotting than anything, until such a time comes when Unknown World implements a first person spectator, most of the "aimbots" will be judged by an admin who believes he has seen enough to reasonably establish a ban for that person. Not every ban may be accurate, seeing as we can not actually judge any snap other than trying to view under third person or over the shoulder views. The admins who make these bans know what to look for, given the circumstances.

This unfortunately means some players of immense skill may be mistaken, however if you are SNAPPING, and LOCKING ON to people, that is a solid indicator of an aimbot, and until we can verify your legitimacy through FPSpec, the ban will remain in place. Perhaps in time after we can spec, we will slowly begin unbanned those who request it, to be reevaluated for a ban removal. In the mean while however, if you are a legit player who has been banned, I personally apologize for the inconvenience, and wish for the speedy implementation of game features that should of been in since release.

Good luck to all, have fun, and most of all, play legitimately!

If you are here in order to petition your ban from one of our servers, please find the thread in which you were banned under, and post there. Do not start another thread unless in the unlikely circumstance a thread for your ban was not already posted here.

If you post your own thread for your ban, try to explain why you were banned without bashing the admins who banned you. Please be descriptive, and explain to us why you deserve to have your ban lifted.
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